Side Projects and Open Source contributions


I built an IOS app to track coffee and espresso brews


I am working on a demo production management app

  • The app is written in SwiftUI
  • The API is written in Go and running on a VPS
  • The database is a Firebase Firestore DB


I built a system to automate my garden: Plant-Waterify

  • This is a project from the ground up
  • Physical sensors for gathering data
  • Raspberry Pi as the hardware platform
  • Python app to pull sensor data, and send to API
  • API on a VPS to receive/provide garden data
  • Web Interface to view data (work in progress)


I run an annual European car show


I made my own Docker image for deploying my Hugo based sites


I also have a personal site for my own purposes (this one)


I have a demo page made using NuxtJS, with Go backend


I created (and deployed to a private slack channel) a Slack bot that monitors a specified Slack channel for keywords, then sends a message to a user or channel with a quote and a message


A Go API endpoint to update a local JSON file or return the JSON file contents


I contributed to a Python based wallpaper changer app


I contribute and mentor for a Python ROT text encryption tool that a Datto tech created


Roll-your-own streaming service

  • Using ShowInfo.RSS, automatically add Magnet links to a cloud seedbox (Seedr) when new episodes are released
  • Automatically download items moved into specific folders to mirrored local folders (for Plex management, for example)
  • Written in Go


My very first coding project (Python)