I made an iOS app to track coffee and espresso brewing.

Update: It’s officially on the App Store!

Second Update: I bought a domain and put up a product page!


Here is a demo of the app:


SwiftUI is still very new, and there are major changes released frequently. This lead me to the “advanced beginner” problem repeatedly, and each time was (is) incredibly difficult to resolve - any tutorials online that are more than 3-4 months old are probably obsolete, and if there IS a valid tutorial, it’s too basic for my needs - how do I do xyz with custom data types? Or generics?

There are many limitations to some of the cool new features of SwiftUI - for example, TabView makes it super easy to make a tabbed interface. Great! But, as of the time of this writing, there does not appear to be a way to color the background. A black or white background, depending on the device dark mode setting, is the only result I have been able to get.


Lessons learned about SwiftUI and Swift:

  • NavigationView
  • TabView
  • Limitations of TabView, sheet and picker
  • Context menus
  • Sheets
  • fullScreenCover instead of sheet
  • Forms
  • State and Binding variables, to pass data between views
  • Environment and Context
  • Core Data
  • Modular views and styling
  • Publishing apps to the App Store and the Apple app review process